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Press Launch 2017

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Mayors of Kingston

The Kingston & St. Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) continues to represent Kingston, the capital of Jamaica as the cultural, industrial and commercial hub of the country, thus enabling a strong revenue base and structural elements for development. The recent designation of Kingston as a Creative City of Music by UNESCO is a “big thing” for all of us since Kingston, a very small yet globally recognized City  has contributed-and continues to contribute immeasurably towards global and sustainable development  using the creativity of its people.

Kingston is the first Caribbean city to be appointed as a Creative Music City and this is an honour that is well deserved and highly regarded, and the KSAMC, having worked extensively in partnership with other key stakeholders, is indeed happy that this signal honour has been conferred on the city. This is, indeed, testament to the creativity, vibe and spirit of a gifted people, naturally endowed with unequalled talent and boundless enthusiasm.

For the sixth year, the KSAMC continues to demonstrate exemplary corporate social responsibility by partnering with the Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Assn. to support Kingston City Run which continues to assist with improving healthcare in Jamaica and assist the most vulnerable among us while showcasing some of Kingston’s most picturesque sites and attractions. This initiative also forms part of our efforts to facilitate rebranding of the capital City by showcasing the historic and creative attributes of Kingston through collaborative partnership which is in keeping with the Council’s strategic objective of serving our citizens and other stakeholders.

Our involvement in such events has helped to make a positive difference in the lives of our people and as Mayor of Kingston, I am proud to salute this run and once more endorse this venture and wish the organizers another successful staging.